Custom WooCommerce Widgets

Standard WooCommerce widgets in Elementor are rigid and basic.

But what if you need to display select products from different categories on the homepage (or other pages)? Or maybe a product grid? Or a fancy-looking carousel?

The7 picks up where Elementor left off. Our masonry, grid, carousel, and other product widgets feature a whole range of settings: starting from the advanced query selector to product card layout and tools to customize almost any aspect of widget appearance!

Advanced Filtering

An excellent online store lets its customers find the products they need quickly and conveniently. That’s why creating tools to build comprehensive search, sorting, and filtering was one of our main priorities. We also studied hundreds of best online stores and ensured that filtering remains convenient and usable for people browsing your store from mobile phones and computers alike.

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12 years of experience
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Best industry experts
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